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About Espressa Pizza

Safely pay via credit card or cash. At Espressa Pizza you can enjoy sizzling meats, succulent sauces, steamed and braised vegetables and all your favourites. Our aim is to provide genuine and authentic Burgers & Chicken, Halal, Kebab, Pizza to our customers at reasonable rates. Have a takeaway tonight, delivered by our friendly staff straight to your door.

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673 Green Lane
Dagenham, RM81UU

Favourite Dishes





topped with cheese and tomato sauce


with pepperoni, ham, beef and meatballs


lamb finely minced and seasoned, roasted on a vertical spit

Espressa Pizza's Reviews

1,092 reviews


  • Small portion :(


  • Very impressed from the service level this restaurant has. Food quality is excellent and unique. Pizza tastes so fresh and delicious with loads of toppings. Kebabs is also very juicy. The order was slight delayed maybe because of the weekend but still pipping hot. Definitely recommended


  • Where is my food? It said it would be here at 23:59 it is now 00:49? Atleast a call would be nice so i can order somewhere else come on dude.


  • You need to do something about the delivery, it s impossible to wait 2 hours for one pizza


  • 90 minutes wait for pizza no way 9 inch pizzas. About 7 inch pizza each.


  • Placed an order at 16.50, received it at 18.45. Had to call the restaurant and was told it should arrive within 15mins. Then called Hungry House to complain after waiting a further 30mins. Driver then asked me if the order had been paid for!!! I told him you should have a receipt showing that the order was paid by credit card. Suffice it to say I will not be ordering from them again.


  • Order was late, pizza's rubbish, definitely will not repeat order from here


  • Ammmaaaazzziinnggggg pizzzaaa


  • Best pizza in town. Really like the food. I called them up to make some changes and they were more than helpful and courteous. Also they serve the best burgers. Excellent


  • ali was brilliant


  • Not good food


  • Ordered for the first time and woowww...eye opening and mouth watering food. Best pizza I have ever had so far. Side orders are also great tasting. Kebab is so yummy have never tasted as such since long time. I will give them full stars and will most definitely order again.


  • Lovely food. Awesome and juicy kebabs and the pizza is simply amazing with full of fresh toppings. Overall excellent service.


  • Will never order from here again. Delivery was incompetent and the food on top of that was horrid.


  • Will never order again